Exclusive nature experiences for body and mind

Enjoyable time out in the mountains

E-bike tours with yoga flow, Alm aperitivo and brunch!

Unique moments in nature - experience the Schnals Valley actively and enjoyably with our special programme.

It is morning, you take your first conscious deep breaths in the fresh morning air.
In motion, centred and focused on the essential, in the moment.
You in and with nature, it will stay in your memory!

With our e-bike tours you can explore the breathtaking landscape in a very special way. Whether beginner or advanced, we have the right offer for everyone. After the sporting activity, you can relax and enjoy the view at our alpine aperitivo. We serve local specialities and refreshing drinks directly on a rustic alpine hut.

For all yoga fans we offer special combination tours e-bike with yoga to relax body and mind.

Yoga is above all a way to unite the body with the mind. By consciously noticing muscle work, breathing and the resulting reaction of the body, movement sequences are optimised and concentration improved.
In this yoga session, we take special care of the muscle groups that are used when biking. We open the shoulders, strengthen the torso and stretch the hip and thigh muscles. We compensate for muscular imbalances with a targeted sequence of exercises. Attention is paid to the breath in order to fully utilise the optimal effect of the individual asanas (positions).

Angelika: "Yoga means to me; well-being, freedom, harmony. The practice, combined with meditation, breathing exercises and the different asanas bring me into a deeper awareness. Every day is different, so it is important to feel and respect your own needs."